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  • Maninder

    August 25, 2021 at 6:43 PM

    In the era of globalisation people the globe are migrating from their country of birth to foreign countries for Higher education, High Incentive jobs and as well as for settling their permanently.

    Each country have their own set of languages , cultures and tradition. These tradition was developed by thier ancestors over the period of thousand years and next generation are following them. Cultures are also further diversified based on people living in the region. For Example- There are some culture which was followed throughout the Canada and some of cultures are limited to specific region’s.

    Immigrants who are living in foreign countries have two choices i.e 1. To follow local culture 2. To create a minority community . Following the local culture will help them in day to livings in foreign country as local people easily network with the people of the same culture . Further, it will help in making good relation at work place as people have better understanding about each as they are from similar culture background.

    There are some immigrants which have become minority community in some countries. For Eg. Sikh in Canada or Pakistan However, making a separate community required strength in numbers and patience along with great leadership with vision. There are some huge problems which were faced by minority in many countries Like adverse behavior of local towards minority, Racists attack and Criminal Attacks of minority. However, if minority id united it will help to resolve the problems of their members by raising it at political levels.

    In my opinion adopting the culture of foreign countries is not easy for some person as they are attached to their birth countries culture, however , as we are watching in recent days attacks on minority is rising. So it is better to opt for the local culture.

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