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    August 25, 2021 at 7:46 PM

    The given pie charts illustrate the qualifications held by the Canadians after completing their schooling in the age groups 25 to 30 and 45 to 55

    Overall, more Canadians aged between 25 to 30 pursue masters after school, compared to ones aged between 45 to 55. Moreover, fields such as, M.B.A, Nursing, Humanities are least preferred in both the age groups. However, branch involving subjects like Science, Maths, Computers is more famous among younger Canadians than older ones.

    Most of Canadians aged between 25 to 30 are inclined towards the field of Social Science and Arts as 20% of the people opted for the same. This is followed by Administration and Science, Maths, Computers with 19% and 18% people respectively, pursuing the same. Streams such as, Education and Engineering are not much popular with collective contribution of 24%. Remaining subjects including Humanities, Nursing, M.B.A and others are least popular contributing 19% all together.

    Canadians aged between 45 to 55 mostly choose Social Science and Arts with 21% of the people opting for it. Engineering is the Second-best option for the people of this age group as 19% pursue the same. Courses such as, Nursing, Education and Science, Maths, Computers are chosen by 24% of total number of people of this age group. Rest of the streams i.e., Humanities, M.B.A & others least followed with only 11% opting them collectively.

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