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  • Prabhjeet

    August 25, 2021 at 7:49 PM

    The given pie charts show the information about post-school qualifications held by Canadians in different age groups: 25 to 35 and 45 to 55.

    Overall, degrees in social science and arts have been the dominant choice for both the classes followed by administration or engineering.

    Firstly, social science and arts has been the major degree held by Canadians belonging to 25 to 35 and contributes to 20% of the total, while administration, science and maths follow the former. The least number of Canadians chose the stream of humanities, MBA and other degrees.

    From a pool of 213,400 Canadians aged 45-55, about 20% hold the same degree as the previous group, but engineering was followed by a larger percentage of people belonging to this age in contrast to the former. In addition, MBA, humanities and other qualifications were still the least preferred option for both the categories.

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