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  • Aniket

    August 26, 2021 at 10:46 AM

    The modern innovations had witnessed dramatic changes in the last few decades. Among, such inventions are the smartphones. Few people argue that these technologies are making humankind less socially available for one another. It may seem that cell phones connect people together, but the fact is, they do not.The essay will examine the reasons for the following opinion.

    Firstly, mobile phones made most people introverts from extroverts. Many people fear from real life conversations because they do quite few, conversations can only be seen happening with the family members in some cases. However, when there is some random person people often get nervous. One such example is fear of public speaking in people nowadays. In general, mobile devices have affected the conversational skills in humans by a large factor.

    Secondly, these modern devices have made people disconnected from the reality. Since the introduction of devices till present, the apps started flooding the market and mankind found it so much amazing that they are hooked to the virtual world. For instance, addictive gaming in phones have severely affected young children. Furthermore, entertainments applications in smart devices like netflix, prime video devised certain algorithms for personalisation that if a person starts watching any movies or tv series they are hooked to it and will converse less with anybody. Hence, lost into the virtual world far away from the real world.

    To conclude, mobile devices have hampered the people conversational skills, relationships and made them less readily available for one another. Altogether, losing the human touch.

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