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  • Aniket

    August 26, 2021 at 12:35 PM

    Teaching, as a profession had witnessed some considerable changes in the last decade. Nowadays, in numerous nations, only few people take interest in teaching students from secondary schools. Most crowd argue that salary and curriculum are the root causes for it. To examine this, the essay will focus on understanding the causes and work towards finding relevant solutions.

    One of the causes could be, the poor income given to faculties as compared to other sectors. Often, these days due to inflation prices of products are sky rocketing due to which people refrain themselves from teaching careers in secondary schools. Another possible reason might be that the curriculum is quite old and as a result, it becomes boring. For instance, in many countries there is loads of theory without any hands on that people often find it mundane.

    One possible solution is giving best appraisals to the teachers so that they can survive the inflation. Moreover, secondary schools can do so by hiring the experienced faculties and create a system of grades according to the experience of professors and that can help them decide the salary according to the market standards. Furthermore, addition of practical subjects along with the theoretical ones. A study shows that imparting practical education is fruitful than theoretical learning and aids towards better understanding of the subjects.

    To conclude, given the best facilities to people in all countries, who sincerely love teaching can overall improve the numbers of educators in the secondary school and may cross the intake digits as compared to other sectors.

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