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  • Arvind

    August 27, 2021 at 1:08 PM

    The given drawing shows the layout of existing University sports center and also the proposed layout for renovation.

    The sports center has a reception near the entrance and behind it is a swimming pool. The changing room and seating area are on the either side of the pool. The gym is located to the north of the pool. There are two outdoor courts situated on the either side of the main building.

    In addition to the above facilities, the university plans to provide more amenities to the students like sports hall, dance studios, café, leisure pool and additional changing rooms. The entrance, reception , seating and swimming pool will be kept as it is. However, the gymnasium will be expanded so as to accommodate more students. The two outdoor courts will be replaced by leisure pool and sports hall. The new facility will have a café situated to the east just after the entrance and a sports shop will be constructed towards the west of the entrance. Additional changing rooms will be provided, one will be placed next to the sports shop and the other one beside the café. Towards the north-east of the building two dance studios will be built for dance practice.

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