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  • Piyush

    August 31, 2021 at 4:12 PM

    People usually believe that news is important in our day to day life but some people are more focus towards local news while others believe in global news. This essay will examine both the views on local and global news and provide a logical conclusion.

    To begin with, Reading local news is important to be fully aware of the daily situation in our country especially in the health sector. People will be more aware of the precaution they should take to stay away from the diseases. For example, at the time of covid-19 many people were greatly getting benefited from the local news by knowing about the covid cases and vaccine status . That’s why it is important to read or watch local news and to be fully aware about the country we are living in.

    On the other hand global news is important to know about our relative and loved one that are settled in other country. By knowing about other country’s situation we will be fully aware about the situation of our relatives. For example, Nowdays in Afghanistan there is a situation of war and lot of Indians are trapped in Afghanistan. People in India are really worried about there loved ones that are trapped in Afghanistan so here global news is playing a really important role for getting the information of Afghanistan. Thus knowing global news make us fully aware about the condition of people that we know in other country’s.

    In conclusion, While the local news will help people to be fully aware about there country’s situation like health sector, Global news will help people to know about the people they knowing other country’s. Therefore, I strongly believe that people should be aware of both types of news. Thus it is clearly impossible to state one type of news is better than other

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