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  • shakshi

    August 31, 2021 at 5:00 PM

    The global media has become a growing segment across global because of its demand and influence among society. However, there are majority of people who are interested in reading local news because they might think it is different to digest, is that so? This essay will consider both points and then present an opinion.

    To begin with, citizens are keen to listen upcoming news and events that are happening within the country to get a glimpse about the situation in nearby areas and enhance their horizon for taking business, investment, political decision. For instance, if a person wants to invest his income in public funds, he can create a good opportunity by investing in valuable companies which he had read before. Similarly, in the Covid-19 pandemic where people are not allowed to move out, media has played a critical role in communicating the case updates and state-wise new policy implementation to general public.

    However, reading and listening international news had changed the prospective as it explained about a country crises, environmental impact and cultural diversity across the globe. For example, after Afghanistan conquered by terrorist group, other nations have tightened its security force to protect their nationality. However, on other hand international news sometime creates awareness about environment issues that has impacted different countries. For instance, first time in the history Canada and its nearby nations experience heat wave that had indicated the signal of global warming in upcoming years. This news has led new initiatives and allows people to think about their society.

    In conclusion, news is a vital mode of broadcasting information and creating awareness among society. In my opinion, acknowledging international news could expand your knowledge bank and would help to understand the new trends with is moving at an accelerated pace.

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