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    August 31, 2021 at 6:37 PM

    Nowadays, people are adopting inactive lifestyle and are avoiding any kind of physical exercise, despite the availability of large number of work-out facilities. This essay will discuss the problems that can arise as a consequence of such a life style, and will try to provide some possible solutions to overcome the same.

    Some major issues that are caused due to sedentary lifestyle are: obesity and lack of stamina. Firstly, remaining seated for longer spans of time results in the deposition of bad fats in different body parts, hence increasing the overall body weight. The reason behind this is the calorie surplus diet i.e., calorie intake is more than the output. Secondly, lethargic life style directly impacts on one’s body strength and stamina to perform different functions. For instance, it is a proven fact, that people who exercise on regular basis, tend to last longer in physical activities, than, the ones who ignore any kind of training.

    According to me. the best solution for these problems is to promote healthy lifestyles. Firstly, large number of people prefer driving cars even to short distances instead of walking or using bicycles. Therefore, advertising the benefits of cycling or walking is the effective way to combat such a problem. Moreover, people do not work-out due to their packed up schedules or long working hours. Thus, promoting healthy living in the working space and providing a break to exercise would provide everyone with ample time to focus on their fitness. For instance, many companies have gyms and sport facilities built inside their offices.

    In conclusion, living a sedentary lifestyle causes lots of hazardous bodily problems such as, obesity and decreased stamina. Promoting and Advertising the healthy life style among society, and providing sufficient time to the working population are some of the effective solutions to curb these problems.

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