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  • Manu

    August 31, 2021 at 7:54 PM

    It is argued that advertisements promotes the buying behavior which leads to excessive shopping of unwanted things on the other hand people believe that commercials provide them with necessary information which may lead to good quality of life. This essay agrees with statement that advertisements give us the information of the goods which help us in having better life.

    Commercials acts as a bridge between the company and customer. Companies launch different products to satisfy the need, want and desire of the consumer. Commercials take the message of the new product and deliver to the end user via different mediums. Hence, this helps them to take the wise decision with their money and choose the best product from the market. Especially in the modern time where technology changing in the blink of an eye. It has become an necessity. For example, Apple launches different series of I phone every year and have launch event to educate their customers about the new change and new product.

    Advertisements are also used by different organization to address the current social issues the society is facing. Even though they meticulously connect the message with the product. But the message has a strong impact on our thinking which help us in attaining a better quality of life. For example, there was an advertisement by Whistling Wood International on eve teasing showing different girls at different scenario’s facing the uncomfortable stares from male counter parts in public areas. With a very powerful song of “see yourself, the way you are looking at me”

    In conclusion, commercials provide the details of new products which may lead to a betterment of our lives by acting as a bridge between customer and manufacturer or by addressing a social cause.

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