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  • Aniket

    August 31, 2021 at 8:41 PM

    In today’s era a person who exercise daily, often stays fit. In order to stay fit, some people join gyms but, it is not possible for a large crowd. There are considerable number of workout places, as a matter of fact most crowds still do not get a motivation to exercise maybe due to the modern pressure in this technological era, while, they should try to find opportunities for exercise.

    One possible reason for the inactive lifestyle could be laziness. Most people do not like to go out and hate doing physical work. The common thing which can be observed that most people take gym subscriptions and roughly after 2 or 3 days they stop going due to the laziness. Another possible reason could be, the workload people face nowadays. For instance, in a plethora of companies, the strict deadlines do not allow time for breaks. Furthermore, due to the modern innovations which does physical work within a fraction of seconds. As an example, washing machines in homes doing laundry and other such appliances which finishes a work without an effort. Hence, people make less physical movement.

    To resolve this problem, first and foremost people should stop relying on different equipments and find ways to exercise. For example, they can take stairs instead of a lift. Next, they can park cars or vehicles a little far away from the office so they can have a good walk. Moreover, in order to solve the workload issue, companies should promote prizes and awards like bonus for the individual who stays fit. Gyms should be open within the companies premises and like lunch time there should be a compulsory time for workout.

    In conclusion, management and people both should try to search and incorporate various methods to promote a fit culture. Also, people should rely less on technologies.

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