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  • Amit

    August 31, 2021 at 11:38 PM

    Some People argues that having a pet at home can be beneficial for children while other think that pets can be hazardous and tend to be risky for heath. In my view, keeping pets at home may cause health problem and could be life threating too. This essay will examine both the sides and give appropriate conclusion.

    There are people who believes that pets are kind and have more affection even more than human, they shares their feeling and emotions with us as they grown with kids, they gets same treatments, love and care from the other family members as result children could also learn how to care about others and especially how to behave with them. Moreover, pets can be a great companion to those children who doesn’t have sibling or friends. A study said that children who stay with pets are more courteous and kind hearted.

    Whereas, other think that pets are threating to keep with them which can cause heath difficulties especially to the children and aged family members, obviously when keeping pets must require proper hygiene, cleaning and good care of their health too. They needs to be strolled even require more precautions when family travels to distant place in short it requires good amount of time for care. In addition, they prone higher health risk for instance viral infection related to pet could transmit to children.

    In conclusion, I would brief that love and affection with pets are always good as that impact children behavior however, potential risk seems more to keeping them inside home with children that could be dangerous if they left unattended.

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