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  • Akhil

    September 1, 2021 at 10:06 AM

    Nowadays, sedentary lifestyle is running more and more popular inspite of having some physical activity on a regular basis. This essay will talk about the major problems of this epidemic and addresses some solutions to avoid them.

    The main issues that people are facing due to inactive lifestyle are obesity and multiple spine disorders. Firstly, people are becoming overweight because most of people are habituated to inactive lifestyle thus gains more fat instead of burning calories which leads to obesity. For example, these days people are being unenergetic due to the pandemic of covid-19 made them stay in their houses as it is dangerous to go out and work. On the otherside, number of the people are facing different kinds of spinal problems. As per today’s world nearly 75% of jobs can be done in a sitting posture. If a person sits continously for a longer time then there is a chance of loosing muscle tissue and curves in spines.

    I strongly believe that the best solutions for these issues are walking and playing any kind of sports. In order to keep everyone fit the government built number of parks for the citizens of their country to walk in their free times. Going for a walk on a regular basis helps us to burn some calories which avoids obesity. Furthermore, playing sports will make a person active and helps us to move every part in our body which automatically results us becoming fit.

    In conclusion, living a sedentary lifestyle leads to health problems such as spine disorders and obesity. The most significant solution is to concentrate on various physical activities for atleast one hour in a day.

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