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  • jaidheesh

    September 1, 2021 at 11:38 AM

    More money must be spent on building railways by the government than on roads. In my opinion, I completely agree with this statement as it helps in reducing the traffic on roads by producing a faster and more efficient transport system.

    These days, the traffic on roads has become the main problem, especially during rush hours. The congestion and bottlenecks on roads have been a key factor for slowing our productivity and cause unnecessary energy wastage. By building more railways not only does it provide a different alternative than road transport but also is much faster and quicker. People can use the railways to get from a place to another with less time wastage and hence be more constructive at work.

    Fuels like petrol and diesel are very expensive and are what drive most cars. Nowadays, electric trains provide a cleaner solution and are non-combustible. Less toxic waste emitted means a cleaner environment and pollutant-free world. Another point is that railways help in developing suburban areas and outskirts where a railway station is built. Normally people prefer to live in cities despite the higher living cost just for the convenience’s sake of traveling. But with the introduction of railway stations in rural areas people can also cut down the travel time. This also helps in the wide-scale infrastructural development of remote towns and other localities near the vicinity of the railway station.

    To recapitulate, railways help in the growth of the country by the development of rural areas and also reduces the congestion in cities that depend on extensive roadway transport.

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