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  • Madhumitha

    September 1, 2021 at 2:53 PM

    Building an efficient and commutable transport system is a major responsibility of the government of a country. Some people think that more money should be invested on railway system, while others think that roadways should be concentrated on more. This essay will discuss why money spent on railways is far more effective than roadways.

    One of the major advantages of railways is that it causes less environmental pollution compared to vehicles on roads, which causes detrimental effects to the nature. Rail transportation provides less damage to the atmosphere, hence making the earth a better place to live in. Many countries have cut down the amount of CO2 released into the air by adopting public transportation methods. The more money spent on building an efficient railway system, the more the people will start using them, hence making a pollution less environment.

    Travelling in trains helps office-goers to reach their work on time, since there is no traffic problems unlike road travel, therefore they will be more productive at their job. This would help people complete their work on time, thereby reducing the working hours. For example, many companies encourage their employees to use rail transportation to commute to work, hence reducing their travel time. Hence, railways have proven benefits in saving people’s time.

    In conclusion, railways play a significant role in reducing environmental pollution and it also proves to be a time saving mode of transport compared to roadways, therefore, governments should concentrate more on providing a better rail system to its citizens rather than investing money on roads.

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