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  • Arvind

    September 1, 2021 at 3:04 PM

    The government should invest more money in railways than on roads. I agree with this statement as railways are much safer means of transport and also offer better inter-city and intra-city connectivity.

    In today’s fast paced world travelling has become a necessity. The available public transport is not able to meet the present requirements. For some people travelling is also a passion, as a result they tend to have their own vehicles for their commute. This trend has grown exponentially in the recent years and has led to increase in traffic, roadside accidents, rise in fuel consumption. It has also had a significant impact on the environment, the emissions from these vehicles have reduced the air quality drastically giving rise to several respiratory diseases resulting in poor health.

    In order to counteract the above issues the government should consider investing in railways as it is an efficient means of transport as compared to road transport. Each train will have a pre-determined routes and schedules, which means that people can reach their destination in-time. This will also reduce the travelling time which in-turn helps increasing the productivity. Since each train runs on its own track the possibility of accidents greatly reduces. The development of electric trains has been a boon to us, it has not only reduced the travelling time time but has also contributed in regulating the pollution levels.

    I conclude by saying that the development of railways will bring about a significant change in our lives and also help improving a nation’s economy.

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