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  • Isha

    September 1, 2021 at 7:05 PM

    The speed of development in technology makes it easier for people to get updated with news every time they are surfing the internet. Some people mainly read domestic news while others claim that we should have information of international news as well. This essay discusses both the topics and then presents an opinion.

    On one hand local news helps you know more about your home town. Many aspects such as education, health care, finance, new regulations , crimes are the topics people really care about. It would help people to be aware of daily situations and take precautionary measures accordingly. For example, In current pandemic situation, local news helps citizens get updated about new cases in their area in order to take precautions. Additionally, it would help people get updated about new regulations like in UP the chief minister has recently unveiled population policy, which promotes two children norm.

    On the other hand, international news might be beneficial in peoples planning, particularly when going to another country. Having information about foreign country via news, people would be aware of war situations, whether conditions or future perspectives of the countries and make appropriate changes in their plans. For Example, People may know about war situations, reasons for war between Armenia and Azerbaijan or about conditions in Afghanistan after the Taliban attack .

    In conclusion, it is hard to decide which statement outweighs the other. Both of the statements bring the key features to the readers in variety of aspect in everyday life.

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