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  • Ashi

    September 1, 2021 at 8:58 PM

    Nowadays, sedentary lifestyle is becoming more popular despite the availability of huge number of sports facilities. This essay will focus on the main cause behind this problem and propose the possible solutions in order to combat the bad effects .

    The main problems caused by inactive lifestyle are obesity and weak health.It has been shown in a number of research that people who tend to avoid any sort of physical activity in their day to day life raise a risk of becoming overweight.This is mainly caused because people nowadays avoid any kind of physical activity such as walking, cycling .Moreover, a lot of experts also analyzed a risk of heart and other diseases.Due to improper diet intake ,person grows up with health problems including blood pressure, diabetes, thyroid etc.For instance , it has been shown recently that people who used to exercise less would eventually be weak as compared to people who exercises everyday.

    In my opinion, the best possible solution to all these problems is implementing active lifestyle.Firstly , people nowadays gain a lot of weight due to lack of physical movement. This can be easily be overcome by a healthy lifestyle. People can make themselves healthy by walking , exercising, cycling etc. These physical activities will not only maintain the proper body weight but will also boost the metabolism of body. Moreover, people now suffers more often by heart and other diseases. Because of the improper diet and inactive lifestyle they tend to suffer more. These situations can be avoided by promoting the use gyms , yoga and other physical activities.

    In conclusion, leading a sedentary lifestyle causes a lot of health problems such as obesity and other health disorders.The most effective solution to all these problem is promoting a healthy lifestyle by exercising everyday.

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