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  • Abhineet

    September 2, 2021 at 9:57 AM

    Money must be spent as per the requirement whether it comes to the railways or the road infrastructure. In my point of view, certainly there is a good number of population who is using these two modes of transports and hence building an efficient transport system is the responsibility of a government of a country. The below facts depicts the importance of these two modes of transportations.

    These days, we see that railway is enhancing their infrastructure by increasing more number of tracks where the traffic is significantly high. This is a demand-supply model where railway officials are putting more focus on their current infrastructure as well as developing the new tracks in both urban and rural places. Not everyone can afford to travel by road as the cost of the commutation is pretty high and less convenient and hence the government is focusing on the railways to make commutation cheap, affordable and comfortable for everyone.

    Alongside, the road commutation is also one of the biggest mode of transportation and government must spend a considerable amount of budget to modernize its infrastructure. There are hilly places, where it is quite difficult to develop the railway tracks and then it only comes to the road transport through which people do travel and the daily commodities can be transported. Although we see that the fuel consumption is a little high on the road transport which leads to air and noise pollution as well but the above facts can not deny the importance of the road infrastructure.

    To summaries this, railways and road transport plays a vital role in a nation’s economy and their development. Government should equally focus on these two sectors. The more government spend on these sectors, the strengthen country’s economy will be.

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