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  • Tuhinsuvra

    September 2, 2021 at 1:26 PM

    In the context of being updated about the current affairs, it is required to give preference to the world news however there are individuals who fix their boundary within their national territory. This essay portraits the importance of paying attention to regional news as well as global news and then discloses the opinion.

    Starting with national news, it is very essential to be aware of your surroundings and keep yourself up to date about the current happenings. Although, most of the national news channels focus on Politics and Crimes as these two are the all-time hot button topic in nations like India. But as the qoute says ‘Everything has an exception’, so there are some news agency too who compe up with the nation’s success stories, goverment initiatives, tourism information, enviromental reports, mental wellbeing message, etc.. Regional news take an important role to help their audience to stay informed. For example, many Indian states have some additional or different pandemic restrictions. A traveller who is unaware of those restrictions may find difficulties after reaching the destination state. So, it would have been a wise decision to follow the regional news before starting the journey.

    On the other hand, evolving as a global person is one of the main mottos of the 21st century. In many liberal democracies, people are more interested in what is going on across the globe, specifying further what are the current events occurring in the far corners of the world. In brief, international news brings a summary of world affairs to its viewers. Furthermore this also help us to broaden our mind and knowledge. To give an example, in September 2019 the UK goverment announced plans for a post study work visa for international students. So with this information, now those who hold a dream of studying and settling down in UK can start making their plan.

    In my opinion, international news has an edge over national or regional news as because it does not publish any biased information. Also, it assists citizens to develop a liberal mindset – an important driver of human welfare.

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