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  • Madhumitha

    September 2, 2021 at 2:16 PM

    Some museums require visitors to pay entrance fee , while others allow them to visit free of charge. In my opinion, the advantages of collecting fees outweigh the drawbacks, mainly because it helps in providing more facilities to the visitors and also the artists feel that their work is valued.

    The main reason why people should pay for visiting the museum is that it would help the museum management to provide more facilities. For instance, the cleanliness of the venue would be well maintained, since there would be a stable income rather than depending on sponsorships which are unreliable. This will result in an enhanced user experience to the visitors. The more money is spent on maintenance of the museum, the more benefits it provides to the customers.

    Another significant reason is that the artists whose art works are displayed in the museum would feel that it is valued and appreciated. They could also be paid based on the income received from the collection of entrance fees, hence their livelihood is dependent on it. This could also serve as a motivating factor for them to produce more creative art works. Hence , the benefits of collecting fees to the creator of the art is more.

    In conclusion, admission fees collected by museums is a fundamental income for providing more services to people visiting it. Also it makes the artists feel worthy of their work, by providing them with a standard mode of income. Therefore, the advantages of museums charging people for admission is far more than its disadvantages.

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