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  • Prabhjeet

    September 2, 2021 at 6:34 PM

    Even-though the number of gym facilities has increased drastically, still people resort to living a sedentary lifestyle. This essay will identify the major problems associated with it in addition to providing some solutions for the same.

    The main problems linked with an inactive lifestyle include obesity and heart diseases. Firstly, Being a couch potato and wasting lots of time on electronic devices is notoriously famous but without regular exercising, an increase in weight will surely follow. One of the reasons behind this is that the lack of physical activity limits your metabolism, henceforth making the excess of carbohydrates and fats to accumulate in the body. Additionally, people have a chance to develop cardiac problems later on in life. The science behind this is that the deposition of cholesterol in your blood vessels makes them narrower which precipitates heart problems. For example, the prevalence of cardiovascular disease increases by two fold in an aged person who leads a lazy lifestyle.

    A prospective solution to the former problem includes promotion of healthy living. Since, social media and Internet are the things which everyone comes across everyday, using the said instruments as tools to promote exercising apps is a potential option. Additionally, they even have an option to track your weight and set goals. Moreover, if a person fails to get time off of his or her busy schedule, changing minor habits like opting for a walk instead of driving a vehicle aids in preventing health issues in the future. Thus, promoting workout apps and resorting to more physical activity would counter the inactive lifestyle.

    To conclude, sedentary lifestyle is associated with loads of problems such as obesity and heart diseases. The best solution for the problem is to increase physical activity by encouraging people through advertisements.

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