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  • jaidheesh

    September 3, 2021 at 11:36 AM

    A lot of museums have an entry fee whereas others are kept free of charge to the public. I am certain that the advantages of charging money are needed for improving its services to the people and for proper maintenance of the museum.

    Most of the museums are preserved by the government authorities and for them to run a museum it has to be sustainable. If there is no revenue from them then they cannot meet the day-to-day expenses. Staff salaries for securities, tour guides, and customer service representatives will not be a viable option had there not been an entry fee for the visitor. Another major expense is the maintenance cost where the museum uses the money for maintaining its pristine state, cleanliness, and bringing new artifacts of greater significance.

    The money collected at the ticketing counter can help in improving the people’s experiences and providing better services to them. Improved experiences like introducing newer artifacts, sculptures, and renowned paintings which can bring up the hype and attract a lot of people and tourists. A wide variety of services such as better customer service and providing more guides will all help in the improvement and enhance their enjoyability of the museum. Lastly, had the museum not been charged it will result in overcrowding and causes restriction of free movement of the people within the museum. The staff will not be able to control and monitor the excess crowd which can lead to chaos and eventually leads to poor management.

    To conclude, the advantage of charging people definitely outweighs the disadvantages as otherwise, it will lead to the inefficiency of the museum and failure to provide the best services for the people.

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