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  • Madhumitha

    September 3, 2021 at 1:47 PM

    Education plays a crucial role in molding children to face today’s fast paced world. Some people think that art and music should be removed from school syllabus so that children can concentrate on professional subjects. I disagree with this view because cultural subjects can inculcate creativity in students and allows the to have a passion in life.

    One of the main advantages of learning arts and music is that it helps children to develop inherent creativity. This will hep them in taking part in extra-curricular activities, therefore their talent gets established. Many governments foster schools in their respective countries to allocate special training for non academic activities, which will help them shine not only professionally but also culturally. Hence, arts and music play a significant role in enhancing the cultural heritage of a country.

    Furthermore, learning cultural subjects will allow children to develop a passion in life. For instance, many students do not know what they are interested in until they are given an exposure to such subjects at school. This would allow them to explore and find the right direction towards finding the activities they love indulging in. The more the students are allowed to experiment with different subjects, the more easier it would be for them to identify their talents and capabilities.

    In conclusion, though studying professional subjects like information technology may seem to be useful for students, cultural subjects allows them to find their hidden talents and also helps to improve creativity and uniqueness. Hence, schools should be encouraged to teach such subjects to their children.

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