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  • Prabhjeet

    September 3, 2021 at 5:20 PM

    Today’s world demands a person to be financially educated, so tutors at schools should make students aware of the basics of money. I completely agree with this statement and think that relevant education in the subject is required to survive monetarily.

    Firstly, schooling lays down the groundwork for one of the major aims of a person’s life, and that is financial stability. All the expertise and knowledge would account for nothing, if the person leads an insecure life and hence the skill of handling money should be inculcated since the beginning. For example, you can get your dream job by excelling in education but to grow stable, you need to know how to steer your funds in the right places such as investments and properties. So, learning the nitty-gritty of finance early in school, as a subject, is irrefutably a good option.

    Secondly, numerous subjects taught in schools have little practical value. Science, maths and social science are theoretically appropriate but their practical implications aren’t that appealing as students can only apply them behind closed doors in offices or labs. Undoubtedly, that knowledge is needed to land a well-paying job but to multiply your money, the skill of financial education is crucial. For example, Warren Buffet started multiplying his pocket money through investments since he was a child and grew out to be one of the most successful investor.

    To conclude, educating students about money in school is vital. The benefits of which they’d reap later on in life as they lead a stable and financially-sound life.

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