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  • jaidheesh

    September 6, 2021 at 12:45 PM

    The purpose of education is to equip the children with the knowledge they need for the present world. Useful subjects like information technology should be given more weight than other subjects like art and music that have to be omitted. I completely disagree with this teaching methodology as by learning subjects like arts and music at a tender age, the child may develop an interest and can earn a livelihood later on in their life.

    Everyone is different and unique in their own respective ways. Some children may not find core subjects and teachings fascinating. They would rather develop an interest in other subjects such as art and music. Learning these skills at a young age helps them nurture their hidden talent and they can pursue a career in it. Art and music are being perceived as boring and uninteresting but they can be very satisfying and fruitful to those individuals that have an inborn talent. Children can, later on, develop their talent by enrolling later on in a degree in these fields. This will be a means of livelihood for them, and they can be quite successful as their passion will drive their ambition.

    Everyone has different tastes and not all individuals would find subjects like IT interesting. Some students may not be good in mathematics or science and it is his personal preference that makes him opt for his field of choice. On another note, both art and music help in promoting the nation’s culture and heritage. If the person becomes exceptionally good at his work, he can help in bringing fame and make his country proud. Remarkable paintings and classical music are prime examples that make a rich culture of the country. Had the children not been given a taste or developed an interest in such domains, they would not be able to create or appreciate these art forms and the countries treasures would be forgotten and lost with the generations to come.

    To conclude, to preserve the culture and heritage of a country, we must not cut subjects like art and music from the school curriculum. Some students will really enjoy these subjects and they will hone their inner talent and make a successful career out of it.

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