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  • Gurleen

    September 6, 2021 at 4:17 PM

    Some commentators believe that government should spend more money on improving railways infrastructure rather than diverting its spendings on building highways and improving the road systems. However, I am strongly inclined to the view that the government should allocate its budget in a balanced way for both roads as well railways.

    On the one hand, private cars play a vital role in our everyday lives and are the most efficient means of transportation for shorter distances. Commuting by roads is convenient and comfortable for most of the people. Furthermore, roads can reach everywhere and provide connectivity to shopping malls, hospitals and banks. The construction and maintenance of roads will lead to a better traffic management and will also reduce the number of road accidents. For example, a survey report in London suggested that with the increase in the money spend on roads, the number of road accidents declined.

    On the other hand, railways have better connectivity with larger areas of the city. They are preferred by people for travelling long distances since it saves time and reduces traffic congestion. Additionally, modern rails operate with electricity which do not cause pollution in the environment. If the government increases its spending towards railways in improving the hygiene conditions, rail tracks and multiple time slots, they will be more preferred by the people.

    In conclusion, I would say that roads and railways are complimentary means of transportation and government must set an organised plan to improve both the means of transportation.

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