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  • jaidheesh

    September 7, 2021 at 11:53 AM

    With the widespread growth of supermarket chains throughout some countries, many small businesses are being forced to close down as they cannot compete with the services they offer. Some people believe that this trend will eventually lead to the complete removal of local communities. I agree that this is very true and evident in today’s society and the loss of local communities will in the end lead to the loss of local people’s livelihood and unique products indigenous to local communities.

    Small business owners are unable to stand and compete with the larger franchises as they do not have that much money for providing better services for the customers. Services like customer support and after-sales together with better promotion and price discounts are all ways how supermarkets attract people. Smaller businesses cannot reduce the price beyond a point as it’s unfeasible for the survival of their businesses. Another point is supermarkets can promote their products and establishment by broadcasting adverts online and on television. Local businesses do not have the investment for spending money on advertisements and hence potential customers are not familiar with such businesses.

    Most of the local customers favor supermarkets due to their many advantages. Every item they desire is available under one roof, thus preventing the need for shoppers to visit many shops. Small businesses cater to only selected items and do not have all items that customers may want. These local businesses promote sales of the local communities and they generally sell those goods that are made by local craftsmen and produce from local farmers. These unique items specific to that area helps in the livelihood of many communities and families. If local business perishes then these local communities and families will also suffer as they do not have a place to sell their goods.

    To conclude, the livelihood of the locals and families are the ones who are going to be most affected by the closure of small businesses as they depend on these businesses for the sale of their goods.

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