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  • Madhumitha

    September 7, 2021 at 2:03 PM

    In some nations, owing to the fast growth of large businesses like supermarkets and malls, various small businesses find it difficult to thrive. A large number of people believe that shutting off such local business will cause destruction of local communities. I completely agree with this since absence of small businesses will greatly impact the livelihood of local workers and also makes life complicated for people who live at countryside.

    Many people depend on the opportunities available in their local communities for their jobs, therefore closure of small business might result in them losing their jobs. This will result in an increase in social burden and the other related problems like poverty and illiteracy. A recent survey shows that on an average, 80% of people in many countries have their jobs based on local businesses. Hence, without these businesses people may have to face unemployment.

    Furthermore, people living in countryside will find it very difficult to purchase their daily needs, since most large shops prefer to be established in cities. This will result in not only having to travel long distance to get their commodities , but also to pay more since items in such supermarkets would be expensive. For example, people living in villages rely solely on local stores for buying their household goods and products. Consequently, absence of small shops and business in countryside will make their life miserable.

    In conclusion, although large supermarkets seems to provide people with more products and facilities, the closure of small businesses will affect the life of workers in the local community and also proves to be difficult and expensive for people living in countryside.

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