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  • Neha

    September 8, 2021 at 1:02 AM

    Over the period globalization and industrialization have shown extensive growth in bringing up changes in the market. Rise in supermarkets across all the countries have definitely raised the bar for small businesses. In my opinion former is more beneficial to once own country than the stagnant and under developed latter.

    Firstly by improvising older shops and platforms there is drastic change in the purchasing behavior of every individual as a customer. Such changes bring amazing offers and comfort to the people as hypermarkets provide better prizes compared to the adjacent shops. Researches must have been conducted in big cities where supermarkets store more products than the smaller shops. This also indicates that discounts on their products might be high.

    Second of all if the question is about the small business communities, the owners here should consider focusing on the development and growth of the retail. Despite of the tranquility in the smaller businesses, there is always a room for betterment and this is possible when they consider the opposite as a model for change and collaborate instead of considering them as a completion. For instance, local shop keepers who sell particular products like handmade soaps can approach marketing executives to display their products. This indeed leads to growth of opportunities in building up chains.

    To conclude, I strongly disagree that local businesses are dying due to the development of supermarkets. I believe healthy competitions should always be encouraged and taken positively.

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