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  • Deepak

    September 8, 2021 at 9:45 PM

    It has been a burning question, especially in a country like India where social and economic decisions largely depend upon political motives, that supermarkets are killing small businesses as well as jeopardizing the source of income of local communities. I partially agree with such a thought process and in the subsequent paragraphs, I shall be expressing my views on both sides of the coin.

    Can we imagine our urban lives without supermarkets such a Big Bazar or Reliance Mart? I think no because our lifestyle has changed a lot and it is continually evolving. Moreover, in few years down the line, it will further change tremendously. In the current era, everyone is running short of time and each one of us wants to have comfort in every aspect of his life and this brings supermarkets into the picture as they offer an assortment of products under one roof that too at the prices lower than neighboring business and ultimately making the consumer a winner. Moreover, these large markets are providing employment to a lot of people and are giving fire to the economic engine of the country. This price war has forced local businesses to rationalize their prices to remain relevant.

    Change is the only permanent thing in this world and to remain in business, these small businesses must innovate in order to survive, rather than lobbying against hypermarkets and building political pressure. As an alternative, these people may become suppliers for these hypermarkets and continue to flourish. Moreover, ours is a very big country and everyone can have a slice in this big pie, hence neighboring shops will continue to receive business and I do not see the end of this era in near future, provided these business owners evolve and transform themselves.

    Finally, I would like to reiterate that although hypermarkets are flourishing in every nook and corner of our country, small businesses will continue to survive if they have the desire to do so.

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