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  • Anuj

    September 9, 2021 at 5:09 PM

    A nation’s information is focused on by certain people, whereas some people give more importance to international news. Numerous people are more attentive towards local news to get daily updates however others prefer global news possibly for updates on the latest technology. This essay will discuss why a portion of people favors local news and the rest choose worldwide news.

    Many people are leaned towards local news. They are much interested to know about the latest policies and changes going on in the nation. In addition, benefits derived from these changes could be one of the factors attracting them. In India, for example, daily revised news kept people informed regarding an ongoing epidemic which inturns made them more diligent towards their health. Furthermore, travelers are assisted with detailed weather conditions, leading them to evade any possible accident. This could be the possible explanation for people to be more captivated by local news.

    Being ahead in terms of technical aspects has become a sign of growth for many people. Technological advancement has made things easier and efficient and to get introduced to these changes, people are urged to look into global news. Also implementing technology from other countries could benefit people financially and socially. To illustrate, recent development in Sweden regarding, eradicating plastic waste has been proven beneficial for countries like India, Nepal & Sri Lanka.

    In Conclusion, a significant number of people will always be allured to the local news though the rest will keep looking into global news for several reasons. None of the mention factors contrast each other. Whatever the objective be, it is always advantageous to go through the news around the world.

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