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  • Shweta

    September 10, 2021 at 11:39 PM

    Education has proven to be the most significant medium to prepare children for the future. Although studying subjects such as computers, information technology can prove to be of immense benefit, extra curricular activities like art and music shapes the mind of a child from a very young age to tackle future problems in a more practical manner. I believe, art and music should be given equal importance as part of the school curriculum, along with other subjects.

    It has been seen that since the ancient time, art and music has played very crucial role in the history, depicting the creativeness, and soulfulness of people during that era. In the similar manner, in today’s world, many artists are highly appreciated and respected in their respective field of art and music. Making children familiar to such practical subjects not only creates a strong bond with the community, but also sharpens the young mind so that they can think in a more creative and artistic manner while solving a problem. A professor in North Korea, conducted a case study between two groups in a primary class. One group was taught art and music along with other subjects, whereas the other group only learnt about the theoretical subjects. After the exams, it was seen that the group that practiced art and music scored better than the other group. Therefore, keeping a child’s mind occupied with art and music not only provides relaxation but also stimulates better understanding of other things. Additionally, it has been seen that many people have attained huge success in the music and art field, thus, it can be considered as one of the career option as well, if a child is doing well in it rather than other traditional subjects.

    On the other hand, since everything is now digitalised and working on data management and statistics is the need of the hour, schools ought to include subjects such as information technology as they provides numerous career options for. child. However, working with information and data is a highly intensive and tiring task, keeping oneself indulge in some sort of distractions helps in the relaxation of the mind and this is where art and music comes into picture, as they help in the best possible ways to learn concentration. Although, information technology subject cannot be disagreed to be a useful subject, schools must not ignore the benefits music and art brings in a child life.

    To sum up, schools must not remove music and art from the curriculum and give equal weightage to them as to other subjects. Apart from providing mind and health benefits such as relaxation and concentration, music and art are proven to be life altering career options.

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