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  • jaidheesh

    September 11, 2021 at 10:19 AM

    Some people prefer not to consult with doctors about medical problems that they suffer from, but rather opt for looking for reasonable solutions using technology such as the internet. In my opinion, if the online platform they use is trustworthy and correct, it could greatly improve the quality of medical care for the society.

    First and foremost, is the genuity of the online platform. If the website is not written by professional healthcare workers, it could lead to devastating consequences. The person and site owners who published such articles are not held accountable for passing wrong information in such cases. Strictly enforcing laws to curbing such practices and also by using only trustworthy sites can help. These patients who rely on such wrong information are the ones who are affected. They may try to treat their condition with the wrong medication and find no improvement. This constitutes a negative effect of using the internet rather than consultations with professional doctors.

    On the other hand, if the websites are genuine and the information is correct, people will benefit the most as it saves them time and money. Mild diseases can be treated without seeking professional advice by following the remedy and solutions for treating such diseases and from websites. This can save a lot of money from visiting the doctors who are mostly overloaded with patients. By treating such conditions at home, it would free up the precious and valuable time of doctors who can treat others who are in dire need of help. Moreover, the patient having knowledge and background about their illness can help the doctors to convince and explain to them the benefits of treating it more easily and also to make the right medical decisions.

    To conclude, if the online search for information is trustworthy and genuine then mild medical problems can be cured by the people, and this is a positive development.

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