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  • saravana

    September 11, 2021 at 1:18 PM

    Nowadays, It seems that certain people avoid government accredited physicians to seek opinions for their medical issues instead they prefer online portals such as youTube portals, twitter, facebook and other emerging information technology websites. As far as I’m concerned, I totally disagree with this movement as it will lead to the drastic detrimental health impact in the society.

    Firstly, I believed that our folks blindly believe the attractive false news propagation in the online broadcasting channels such as YouTube channels, in instagram, googleplus etc, without knowing its impact they follow the same, acquires sudden illness, thereby create complexities on theirselves, at last meet the doctors, give extra headaches to physicians as well. Generally, since many online portals know the tactics to attract some kind of people by giving false proposals, many persons got attracted towards their medical suggestions, liking it, getting drastically affected, at the end reaching the medical specialists. furthermore, this kind of activities show people’s ignorance and their inefficiency to judge the correct method of approach. For instance, I would say this same kind of incidence got happened in my house, when my mother followed the Facebook direction for treating her dermatitis issues, following their guidance, faced several side effects, finally went to doctor who took some extra effort to cure that problem. So, we should use our knowledge wisely to get rid of these activities.

    Secondly, As many individuals seek more kinds of suggestions like fast relief form their medical illness, easy way of diagnosing method, they tend to search solutions in many online portals, getting their desired results which might be very harmful to them. After that, on following those suggestions , affected with additional diseases. I feel that at currently because of the people’s tendencies to move towards many short cut techniques to get the speedy recovery in addition to their mindset of easy recovering ways from their diseases without taking any risks, they show the great interest in searching the solution in live channels and other websites, ending up with negative impacts. For instance, I read one article in Indian Express which stated that one of the widespread fake institutions named SKB foundations whose headquarters located at NewDelhi, misleaded many individuals with their false promising statements to cure kidney kind of ailments, resulted in negative effects in them, finally Government banned that firm. This could be avoided, if they consulted the good physicians in advance.

    So, we can conclude that persons getting the ideas from fast moving technologies to cure any kind of diseases other than seeking correct treatment from experienced healthcare professions always end up with demerits impacts in their health condition either suddenly or after some quite period of time. So, folks should take necessary steps to get treatment from medical professionals as far as possible.

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