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  • Nitish

    September 12, 2021 at 7:04 PM

    A child’s mind is naïve and wants to explore this world in the way they want. Thus, to keep them happy, some parents purchase all the things they demand and allow them to do whatever they want. I disagree with this idea of children’s upbringing as it makes them stubborn. When they become adults, they will find it harder to cope with life challenges. In this essay, I will discuss two repercussions of this type of child care and its after-effects on children in the later part of life.

    First and foremost, buying things without need make them stubborn and affects the parent-child relationship. New things available around children entice them to buy them without considering their usage or price. When parents start to agree to their demands then it will make them habitual of getting things in their pockets even if they can’t afford them. Once this habit is inculcated in them, it would be very difficult to say no to them. This further leads to awful relationships in the longer term. For example, gaming gadgets are too expensive and are also not good for children to use for long hours but parents have to buy that for their child when asked, even if they are aware of their disadvantages.

    Secondly, the behavior of children is directly proportional to society. Even after knowing about the wrongdoings of their children if parents don’t stop them from doing it, they will never come to know the difference between right and wrong. Therefore, once they become adults their wrong acts will start to impact society and its people as well. For instance, parents encourage younger generations’ desire to start driving the car even before getting a driving license, trends show that most of the accidents are done by minors only.

    To conclude, nurturing children in a better way is very important for their life and to be a responsible citizen of the society. Therefore, parents should guide their children of their wrong-doings effectively and help in understanding their needs and interests before just grabbing everything they demand.

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