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  • Prabhjeet

    September 13, 2021 at 9:08 PM

    Nowadays, the number of international sports events in a country have increased drastically. It is often argued that the trend is positive but on the counterpart, some people demur the idea. This essay will examine both the views before making a final note.

    On the bright side, the increase in number of inter-country events helps to bring international attention in addition to money. Although, hosting a big event requires a significant upfront investment, but the successful completion of it brings appreciation around the world. Additionally, foreign tourists spend money to watch the event while also relishing the country’s tradition and eventually adding to the country’s earnings. For example, a survey stated that international tourists account for about 30% reservations in any international sports event.

    On the other hand, international sports events require an upfront investment not only to cater to the necessities of the event, but to also satisfy the need of people coming from abroad. In case if things go wrong, it can leave an impact on the image of the country which is the least desirable. For instance, an event managed irresponsibly has the tendency to stain the country’s image and moreover hamper the future foreign investments.

    In conclusion, hosting an international sports event attracts tourists who help in bolstering the country’s image in addition to pouring money into the country’s economy. On the contrary, if the event doesn’t prosper as expected, then it has the capability to negatively impact the country’s image. But in my opinion, hosting an international sports event is irrefutably good to enhance the country’s image.

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