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  • siddhu

    September 13, 2021 at 9:23 PM

    Most of the countries indulge in hosting international events to bolster their nations image. So, certain section of people believe this as an better idea, whereas others strongly oppose this to an awful consideration. I adhere strongly with the former argument. This essay will discuss both the views and conclude forming an opinion.

    To Embark on, there are many reasons why conducting international events are beneficial? Firstly, this would help in generating more opportunities globally for the nation, which in turn help for the betterment of each and every individuals of the country. This events would provide lucrative source by enhancing the tourism in the future. Moreover, the proponent believes that it would contribute to boost local people business where the artecrafts can become familiar globally. A good illustration for this would be, these events acts as a catalyst for industrial growth, hence would boost and fortify the economy of the country to the next level. Although, some people do demur at conducting these events, as it entails humongous expenditure and preparation, however this would yield better results in long run.

    <font face=”inherit”>Considering the second argument of this context, there are disadvantage of conducting these event, which cannot outweigh the advantages. Many developing countries conferring least importance in ignoring the basic needs and requirements of the country tending towards these exorbitant events. To illustrate, in some countries there is a huge requirement for enhancing the transport infrastructure which is having an </font>detrimental<font face=”inherit”> impact on the nation which is being overseen because of these events.</font>

    <font face=”inherit”>To conclude from aforesaid statements, in my opinion, Although there are disadvantages in tending toward these </font>globalized<font face=”inherit”> events, however advantages would </font>definitely<font face=”inherit”> outweigh them bearing in mind the long term and long last effects of these events.</font>

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