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  • Harsaroop Kaur

    September 13, 2021 at 9:27 PM

    International events are something for which we all are excited about and these events play a vital role to bolster the international image of the country, however some citizens demur at the idea of hosting such occasions. In my opinion it is very significant to organize global sport events.

    Organizing International gaming events gives a very patriotic feeling to all the citizens of the country as people feel that this is our country’s chance to showcase how beautiful, well developed and welcoming their country is. For example, In India people believe that Guests are equal to God. This gives the citizens of the country a way to publicize the traditions their country.

    On the other side, organizing such event entails a lot of planning and preparation. A lot of money is involved; as these events are very costly .The country that plans the event has to take care about everything like organizing the sports areas and providing facilities to the participants from different countries as well. Hosting country need to ensure that everything is done perfectly because it can make or mar the reputation of the country.

    In my conclusion, international sports events should happen more occasionally in all the countries. No doubts, there is are a lot of expenses involved in organizing such events but at the end of day, the country hosting the event feels proud that they did everything very well and were a great host to all the countries because that’s something people are not doing only for themselves but for the country.

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