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  • Seema

    September 13, 2021 at 9:28 PM

    Nowadays many countries are hosting international sports events to improve the economic growth of the country. Some people thinks that this can lead to growth in many aspects for the country where as some thinks it is waste of money and time. I strongly believe that organizing international sports can lead to a great image of the country.

    Organizing international events can have many positive points with respect to the growth of the country. It helps people from outside country to visit another country where they might have never visited, citizens of the organized country can spend time with people from different parts of the country. Also the country who hosts such a big events gets monetary benefits in terms of airfare, hotels, tourists places and also for different sellers who interacts with the foreigners for selling different products when they visit market. So it’s important to bolster the international image of the country by hosting such great event.

    On the other hand, Organizing such a mega event entails a lot of planning and preparation. which includes to renovate the stadium, the areas near by the place where the event will take place, so overall infrastructure needs to be improved when organizing such events. Also till the time all the sports is completed, there are many security persons, police, and many staffs from the organizing committee are involved. So ideally, the spending in all of these things are very high in terms of money and later the government of the country takes the money from the local people of the organized country in terms of tax. Either they increase the tax percent or maximize the tax payers slab. Which results into suffering the loss by people of hosted country.

    There’re both type of people in this world who thinks organizing such mega event is fugacious, they have long lasting effects and such events do contribute towards fortifying the economy of the country. whereas some people do demur at ideas of hosting such costly events. So according to me organizing such events are very fruitful for the country in form of financial benefit, name of the country and a strong bonding between the people of different countries.

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