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  • jaidheesh

    September 14, 2021 at 10:35 AM

    Some people believe that adolescent children should give attention to all subjects at school. Whereas others are of the opinion that most of these children should give their attention to subjects they are good at and most interested in. I agree with the former as if children are not taught all subjects, they would not know which subjects they would enjoy and decide to later pursue on.

    By learning all subjects, the teenagers will get a big picture overview of all the core subjects. Had they not been introduced to these stem subjects earlier on, they would not have an idea of topics that would later be interested in. Teenagers are in a growing stage, and everything is new to them. They can grasp knowledge more quickly, and it is the right age for them to learn such subjects. In order for them to adapt and learn about the world, they need to be formally taught all the basic theories about the main subjects. This will help them gain an overall picture and generate interest where they can choose a relevant field for them to specialize in.

    The knowledge they gained in schools about all subjects will help them in their careers and daily lives. Like for instance in jobs where they will work and mingle alongside engineers, accountants, medical doctors. Having the basic idea of all the subjects will help them make better decisions in their day-to-day lives. The everyday knowledge which we take for granted is got from these elementary subjects that are taught in schools. Basic knowledge must be taught in schools for this reason as it helps people converse and mingle with everyone in society.

    To conclude, by teaching all subjects in schools the teenagers will get an idea what to pursue in his career and also will help in his work and daily life where he has to interact will all walks of the society.

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