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    September 14, 2021 at 12:43 PM

    Adolescents should pay more attention towards the subjects in which they have more interest, this is thought process of few people whereas few still believe that they should pay equal attention to all the subjects during school days. I also believe that the school going children must pay equal attention to all the subjects in place of focusing only on few subjects.

    School’s education builds a strong base for the children. It is children’s responsibility to focus on each and every subject which will help them in future. Strong base will help kids in making a better future decisions as to in which subject they are good or which one they do not have interest.

    I have seen some children who initially do not like science or mathematics because they have a fear as it is considered as on of the toughest subjects but once they start focusing on basic formulas and they learn basic concepts thoroughly than gradually they start liking these subjects and find it easy also they might make a career in the same field.

    If they will not give to those subjects which they do not have much of interest than without giving time they will not know and they will not be bale to explore themselves in that specific subject which might be very interesting for them in future. Even though if they do not proceed with few of the subjects they never liked or they could not understand well but if they know the basics than as it is said knowledge never gets wasted and it may help in future. This will also give a confidence also in future to face any situation well in future if it is related to those topics or subjects they did not like but they know well what was it about.

    I would like to conclude here as focusing only to those subjects you like may not be good for your children’s future while paying equal attention to each subjects will help them to increase the knowledge repository which will help them in future.

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