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  • siddhu

    September 15, 2021 at 1:44 AM

    As technology is evolving to leaps and bounds, solution for many problems are a click away. This has given a radial approach towards most of the traditional and conventional practices, one among the most is, surfing for the medical related queries and proponent to ones own prescription for the persisting problems. I strongly condemn this as a negative development, as this strategy has a detrimental effect on individual’s health, this essay further discusses on this aspect with suitable examples and forming a conclusion.

    To embark on, Access for Information and references provided online has huge impact on the todays society. This helps in research of main complex studies and questions very easy, moreover, this helps in educating people on required courses, without spending exorbitant amounts to institutions. Additionally, this will help in increasing the literacy rate. For instance, there are many websites which provide free online courses without or with very minimal lucrative benefits, this ultimately makes the knowledge more affordable and flexible to all sections of the people.

    Considering the downside of this, is the data or information existing online are reliable? there are many websites with entails fake information, which is done to attract the viewer to open the link for subscriptions and other monetary benefits. For instance, there was research which testified that, huge number youngsters browse online for the medical related queries and misinterpret the minor inflammations to an deadly diseases, as a results try to end their lives out of anxiety. One should understand that, medical data available online cannot be taken as reference at any point, where each and every individual body adaptability and sustenance is very different and might not work or reflect the same as other.

    From the aforesaid statements, technology makes life complex and tedious for survival at times, especially related to medical references which have detrimental impacts. In my opinion, medical related aspects need to be addressed by specialized personals to avoid untoward consequences.

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