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  • Nitish

    September 15, 2021 at 9:35 PM

    Undoubtedly, supermarkets are a one-stop solution for everyone’s needs and consumers can buy all the necessary things without going to multiple shops. In some nations, micro-businesses are facing detrimental effects and struggling to withstand against enlargement of hypermarkets. Even it is believed by some people that it leads to the end of local communities. I disagree with the point that shutting-down of local shops will end the era of the local community.

    First and foremost, with globalization and modernization, the advancement of shopping is inevitable and it augments employment for locals in different regions because of their culture-specific elements. To run the stores efficiently, macro enterprises have to hire local-lite people who can communicate in the local language and attract more local customers. For example, Walmart store in Bangalore city stresses hiring employees who know Kannada, which is Bangalore’s regional language. As a result, local people will get more employment opportunities.

    Secondly, hypermarkets bring the local communities’ cultures on the international platform. This is because they encourage local products and export them to other provinces and nations. Thus, providing a much wider platform as compared to small shops. For instance, Indian recipes which were earlier limited to a particular region are now available in almost all international stores. Therefore, local communities are recognized worldwide.

    To conclude, although superstores are diminishing the small business, they are playing a vital role in boosting regional cultures. Therefore, I strongly disagree that the closure of small-scale outlets will ruin the local community.

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