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  • Sumit

    September 16, 2021 at 2:43 PM

    Demand for more numbers of residences has increased considerably in various countries owing to rapid growth of population. Some people have often debated that whether new homes should be erected in present cities or should countryside be used to develop new township. In my opinion, new affordable housing projects, along with development of existing small towns, should be promoted along countryside, rather than putting more burden on existing cities. For instance, we have already seen sprouting up of new townships, being developed in a more organized ways, away from cities.

    On one hand, government is focused on reducing the infrastructural pressure on existing cities, by offering more incentives to the people willing to settle in a new township, being developed away from city. For example, several residential projects has commenced under the PPP Model (Public-Private Partnership), giving leverage to development board in terms of funding. The new homes are designed afresh with use of modern architecture, eco-friendly material, better design and utilities, thereby offering more comfortable standard of living compared to their urban counterparts.

    On the other hand, smaller existing town, have been brought into focus for redevelopment in a more structured way, maintaining their cultural heritage, rather than building them afresh. Moreover, this up-gradation of smaller town has been possible due to better planning and execution using more scientific ways of development. For instance, some towns have already been upgraded to multistory residential societies in order to preserve sense of togetherness, along with the glimpse of modern era.

    In conclusion, rather than subjecting existing cities to further stain by accommodating increasing number of people in it, we should promote setting up and developing new township, in the underutilized countryside of the vast nation. This dual vision will enable us to harness untapped potential of countryside, thereby giving it ample opportunities for growth.

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