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  • siddhu

    September 17, 2021 at 12:47 AM

    Dear John,

    It’s been long since we last met, I recently received your letter , and I completely understand your problem. I am writing a possible approach for your current situation.

    I can feel your pain, you are undergoing currently. Although, this kind of embarrassing behavior is quite common in the corporate domains yet, this is very difficult to get through at times. But you have to surmount and be strong.

    In my past organization, even I was treated with this similar kind of behavior from my peer, where instead of finding a solution for the problem, I was the sole target to be blamed in each and every aspect. However, as my manager was employee supportive and acknowledgeable person, which made me complain after several incidents, upon which corrective actions were taken and rest was past.

    I would suggest you to following the same strategy and report the same to your boss, this would not only help you, but also avoid your colleague to behave wrongly with others as well.

    I hope this suggestion would bail you out from the present problem.

    Best wishes,


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