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  • Prabhjeet

    September 17, 2021 at 9:05 PM

    In the modern era, people resort to going to malls and marts rather than choosing local businesses because of the plethora of options supermarkets offer, and hence it is argued that the local shops suffer at the expense of supermarket expansion because they fail to compete with them and this will eventually lead to the demise of local communities. But to what extent is the statement true? Let us dive deeper into this topic.

    On the one hand, supermarkets are a one-stop shop for a variety of necessities whether it be groceries, personal care equipment or electronics. They often utilise prudent knowledge of psychology to lure people into buying more and hence fortifying their profits. For example, even if you end up buying only what you desired according to your shopping list but at the end, the sophisticated inclusion of chocolates and chewing gums around the billing counter would definitely tempt you.

    On the other hand, local shops are meant for a restricted range of goods to cater to the needs of those who are living around the locality. Moreover, the employees are more friendly in nature hence you would end up liking the shopping experience for sure. Since the local businesses cannot compete with the flamboyant decorations and in-store experience of bigger marts, they sometimes let the neighbours buy cheap items on credit hence enhancing the customer satisfaction.

    To conclude, though the supermarkets offer a variety of resources at one place, still local shops come in play when you have a shorter shopping list or are short in time. Hence, in my opinion, the local shops will still prevail even after the supermarkets increase because they still cater to specific needs which cannot be fulfilled by the latter.

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