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  • siddhu

    September 17, 2021 at 9:09 PM

    Recently, people are tending towards super markets and malls due to their aggressive endorsement, and many argue that this will obsolete the local businesses due to their incompetency. I do agree to certain extent, however, taking necessary action plan would retrieve the situation back. This essay will discuss further on this context and form a conclusion.

    To embark on, super markets gives more flexibility to the customers. Generally, it is considered as a one stop for all the daily requirements, moreover, these platforms provide wide range of collections. However, sometimes this can be specious to purchase unnecessary items and increase the expenses. For instance, in most these malls, there would be discounts sales running but with certain clauses. Although, we know that some items are not really recovered yet, this will make the customers tenuous and end up increasing their budget which would be significantly different from what they have decided.

    On the other hand, local markets are considered as outdated. To put it in other words, these have very limited appeal in variety and not does not provide any discounts on purchases which is making the situation exacerbate. It is true that, these are finding difficulty in sustenance, due to which it is having a decline trend, however, this is not a encouraging sign for the local traders who are dependent on this and this can be changed. For example, local markets can have tie-ups with moderated organizations in providing the local goods and also stretch themselves in providing home deliveries, as a results of these efforts the situation can be reconciled.

    From the aforesaid statements, there is no denying fact that, local communities are getting a toil from the supermarkets and malls. However, in my opinion, having appropriate measures in place can bolster their competencies and revive back to their normal status in the societies.

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