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  • Seema

    September 17, 2021 at 9:10 PM

    There’re many small and local shopkeepers facing loss due to the new style of purchasing things from supermarkets and malls. Local businesses are only way to earn money for some people so it can definitely harm those people whose life is running because of these small shops. But yes there’re also people who earn less in this world and who cannot afford buying things from malls and supermarkets so I don’t agree that closure of local businesses can bring death of local communities.

    Local shops are the shops which we can find at every corner of the street. Additional benefits of these local shops are that it opens early in the morning and closes late at night. Hence people urgently need anything can get down from home and buy the things which is urgently needed as it’s easily accessible. For example, If a single parent is there at home and not well to cook the food so he or she can go nearby shop early in the morning and can buy ready to eat foods for children’s tiffin like bread, butter & Jam etc.

    Alternatively, Malls and Supermarkets can be seen far away from local areas as it needs space for the infrastructure. Infrastructure of malls and supermarkets are way too expensive as it involves multiple shops in one market where if one person wants to buy each and everything related to home, then can buy from malls but at a higher rate. For example, If someone buys one kilogram sugar, it can cost him or her 60 rupees which actually costs 44 rupees per kilogram and includes additional taxes which supermarket pays for infrastructure, electricity etc.

    So conclusion to my statement is that local shops are easily accessible with affordable price so there’re still people who prefers local shops instead of malls for shopping, hence the death of local community is not possible due to developed supermarkets and malls.

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