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  • hari

    September 17, 2021 at 9:24 PM

    Nowadays, supermarkets have mushroomed in majority of places languishing the street vendors. Automatically, local communities are unable to surmount the competition and dwindling. Let’s delve in order to predict the future of local communities.

    First and foremost, there has been an interdependent relation between local businesses and local consumers for ages. However, people have been forsaking them because of propensity towards grandeur of supermarkets. But, when we contemplate both the things from business perspective the commodities are similar and more often than not economical when compared to supermarkets. Besides, they provide better consumer requirement as they are adept at understanding us in a much better way.

    The other side of the the fact is that supermarkets are also crucial because we get expansive items under a single roof. They are working round the clock to provide this flexible service to the consumers. Thus saving our time and effort to buy products. For example, the acquisition of goods, availability of wide range of products like dry fruits to frozen food items. Furthermore, billing and parking are more systematic and consequently; less unpalatable.

    To conclude, we must support tenuous local communities in order not to exacerbate their current situation when we get same things in both places and maintain the timeless relationship. Nevertheless, we can visit supermarkets due to specific reasons like saving our time and efforts. We need to strike this fine balance, eventually both are businesses and need our support so as to have a win-win situation for all.

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